Energy Floors (a registered trade mark of Sustainable Dance Club) successfully launched the world’s first energy generating dance floor, the Sustainable Dance Floor with the vision: People - Planet - Party.

Originally, Energy Floors specialized knowledge led instinctively to activities such as consultancy work, event organization and product development. As we have grown as a company, so have our potential markets. Our concepts prove to have natural appeal to marketing agencies, science museums, commercial events and according to our new developments also to fitness centers, public transport companies and many other public spaces. Over the last 5 years the success of our products has allowed us to shift our main focus onto the sale and hire of these products, particularly the Sustainable Dance Floor and the Energy Experience.

Energy Floors  has a  growing  list  of  respected clients in more than 20 countries, such as Nokia, Google, Toyota, Volkswagen, Coca Cola, Heineken, Smirnoff, Philips, E-on, Disney, WWF, Puma and Shell. SDC sells and rents Energy Floors, including Applications and custom made Energy Experiences.

Once upon a time...

in 2006, the Sustainable Dance Club (SDC) started out as the upshot of the research project ‘When Nature Calls’ conducted by Enviu – innovators in sustainability and Architect Firm Döll. The project resulted in a concept for a sustainable dance club, which was officially launched in Rotterdam with the event ‘The Critical Mass’.

Towards the end of 2007 Sustainable Dance Club BV was founded and product prototypes started being developed.

In September 2008 Club WATT was opened in Rotterdam as the first ecological dance club showcasing the earliest model of the Sustainable Dance Floor (SDF).

In 2009 an updated version of the SDF was launched and transported all over the world for a wide variety of clients. Projects ranged from permanent installations at museums in Miami and Philadelphia to pop-up events around the globe in Canada, China, Brazil, and the United Arab Emirates.

Since 2010, the company narrowed its focus on the further development of the energy generating floor and selling and renting it combined with Energy Experiences worldwide for exhibitions, parties, fairs, festivals or corporate events. The Sustainable Dance Club took it to the next level and developed a more cost effective, efficient floor for large scale applications: The Sustainable Energy Floor (SEF).

In 2011, worldwide rental and sale of the Sustainable Dance Floor continued sucessfully. Further product development, optimization and testing of the new Sustainable Energy Floor have been taken place that year as well.

At the end of 2012 we counted 17 permanent SDF installations, events in 69 different cities in 18 countries on 5 continents. This resulted in approximately 950.000 visitors who generated 2 billion Joules of energy within 2012. Our biggest projects that year were the installation for EDF during the Olympics and Paralympics. and the club tour for Radio “Los 40 Principales” in 30 clubs in 30 cities in Spain.

And today... the Sustainable Dance Club changed its name and became Energy Floors. This is a first step of entering new target markets such as public transport, architecture, exhibitions, education etc with the new product: The Sustainable Energy Floor.