Energy Floors aims to check all information that is placed on the Internet by means of the 
Energy Floors website carefully to ensure that the information is recent, accurate, factually 
correct, and consequently: reliable.
Whenever possible, Energy Floors checks the reliability of information itself from the 
external sources from which we received the information. Despite this continuing attention for 
quality of its messages, Energy Floors cannot guarantee that all information on its website 
is correct and complete at all times and Energy Floors does not accept any liability for 
possible mistakes. Energy Floors does appreciate it however if we are notified of such 
mistakes by means of an e-mail to info@energyfloors.com.
Information, suggestions for improvement and other messages that Energy Floors receives 
referring to the contents of the website will be regarded as non-confidential and to have been 
posted for the purpose to be used by Energy Floors without any additional permission. 
Energy Floors therefore reserves the right to improve or otherwise modify the contents of 
the website at all times.